Guarantee Requirements
1. Complete the full program and certification within the time you agreed when you signed up.

2. After you're certified, follow our Science-Based Sales® system to prospect for jobs. 

This means using our sales engagement platforms we give you (at no extra cost) to contact companies every week for 90 days.

It also means submitting your weekly update in the template we provide to your Prehired Mentor, so we can gauge your progress.

You must also allow your Mentor to mentor you. Implement their instruction and DO NOT take any commission only sales job or any other sales job under $60,000 total compensation. Those sales jobs are the worst, not market rate, and beneath your abilities.

3.  After the 90-day period, if you don't have any job offers for at least $60,000 total compensation (also known as "on-target earnings"), with at least $40,000 from base salary, email us on or before the 100th day at 

If you joined the program with an income-share agreement (ISA), we will cancel it. If you put down any money for the program, we will refund it.

This is not a "no questions asked" money-back guarantee. We work with you 1-on-1 to get results and you still have to do the work, which is not much. We give you free access to sales software, so we're able to easily see your results and help you along the way.

We don't give refunds for changing your goals, changing your mind, being lazy, or not following our instructions...

... but we do give refunds if you follow what we say and don't get results.

Remember, we're here to work with you 1-on-1 to help you land a software sales job at a company you want.

The only way you won't get be granted a release from your ISA or get a refund is if you don't implement our instruction.

* If you're already a Prehired member, refer to your PreHired Success Agreement. 
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