Members Success Stories
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"10 companies asked to interview me... I chose 5 and accepted a job offer at my #1 choice!"
Trevor in Hartford
"I was seriously only making $10/hour... after Prehired, I landed a $75,000 job within weeks!"
Josh in Boston
"I was selling Time Warner door-to-door at $11/hr, and in 30 days I'm working in a software sales job!"
John in Raleigh
"This program passed my expectations... I'm now negotiating a VP of Sales role!"
Karen in Philadelphia
"I thought this was a scam... but I got the tech sales job I wanted in 30 days!"
Najee in NYC
"With 40 yrs sales exp, I couldn't get the interviews I wanted. Prehired got me my #1 job choice in 30 days!"
Laurie in St Paul
"Prehired delivered EXACTLY what they promised...
...but it only took me 21 days!"
David in Seattle
"Over 10 companies contacted me with job opportunities within weeks!"
Dillon in Raleigh
"I've been in sales my whole career... and NOW I'm lightyears ahead of what I was doing!"
Jian in Jacksonville
"I had a job offer in less than one week!"
Sahai in Los Angeles
"I'm so glad I made this choice!"
Gabe in Seattle
"In only two weeks I had interviews, and in four I choose the job I wanted from multiple offers!"
George in Los Angeles
"I had job offers in only 3 weeks... I would take this course all over again if given the chance!"
Shawn in Chicago
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