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"I had no sales experience, but I'll make $120,000+ in my 1st year! Prehired changed my life."
Philip Jansen in Tampa
"I was seriously only making $10/hour... after Prehired, I landed a $70,000 job within weeks!"
Josh Santos in Boston
“It came across as gimmicky initially. But when I took the time to look at it, I could totally understand the value. For me, it was a no-brainer. "
MIke Roark in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“My idea of a salesman was that pushy used car salesman, and it’s not true. In the first day I started my email workflow, by the end of the day, I had 7 interviews booked. I got the offer letter about a week before my 2-month timeframe."
Brendan Smith in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"The whole concept sounded too good to be true. But I started the program on the 26th of June and by the 26th of October, I got my offer letter. I got hired to GTT... one of the best companies in the tech space, all thanks to Prehired."
John Obono in Horseheads, New York
"“I did a Google search on the best jobs out there… at the top of the best careers was software sales. I used the Prehired process to get a job, so I know it works. From the time I got certified to the time I got an offer, it’s been about a week."
Joseph Mosley in Yorba Linda, California
"The claim that I could get a $100,000 career was like, ‘Uh huh, sure. Whatever.’ I applied to about 50 jobs, I started an interview process with 35 jobs… and, just knowing what I was looking for specifically, I turned down a ton after the first interview. I ended up getting offers from about 8 companies.”
Justin Lehner in Seattle, Washington
"Especially for someone like me without a college background, I knew that, even for people with college backgrounds, it’s a really competitive industry. I almost got an interview at every place I applied to. I just got an offer on Thursday and signed paperwork on Friday.”
Lexi Cole in Austin, Texas
“The biggest thing with Prehired is the mentorship as well as the community that you have. Prehired is worth every penny if you’re looking for more opportunities.” 
Drew Eddy in Los Angeles, California
“I didn’t have any sales background at all, so I needed to start somewhere. I spent a solid week or two reading all the reviews. Just about every tool covered in the course is what my company uses now.”
Eric Viani in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Information coming directly from somebody in the industry was more valuable than gold to me... and was hired at great company right when I finished!"
Sherrif Elzein in New York City, New York
“I was definitely just focused on remote-only jobs. I had 5 offers. I fully endorse everyone at Prehired. It’s the real deal.”
Ross Hannam in Cedar Falls, Iowa
“Tech is booming here in Seattle… and I wanted to get in that field, but I had no clue how. Pay attention to what these guys say. It’s not fun at all times, but the payoff is definitely worth it.”
Udenze Okoli in Seattle, Washington
“I ended up interviewing with 5 different companies, and I only applied to 5. I got an offer from 3 of them and 2 were moving to next steps. I skipped 2 levels to get into Enterprise Accounts. Kind of hit the lottery.”
Tanner Kotch in Charlotte, North Carolina
“If I had just followed the process straight up, I would’ve had a job much sooner… If you go through Prehired’s program step by step, you will get a job. It’s like a dream working now. A lot of days don’t feel like work.”
Brian Baik in Chicago, Illinois
“I was working in and out of different restaurants… doing the same thing every day. After the program, I reached out to 40 companies in 4 days. I think I did 19 interviews in 2 weeks and got an offer. This is the best step I’ve ever taken in my life for my career.”
Darryl Butler in Farmington Hills, Michigan
"I knew I was going to end up hating my life if I was sitting at a terminal or in a code editor all day... I applied to one company, my #1 company (Chili Piper), and I heard back from them within 4 hours...I got hired, and It was exactly the role I was setting out to find."
Ben Clark in Richmond, Virginia
"I didn't have a college degree. There were quite a few companies here in San Diego that wanted a college degree...but, in the right timing, I got an offer. Thank you, Prehired."
Brian Cruz in San Diego, California
"The only doubts I had were how much this could benefit someone who already had some sales experience... off of just a couple of Linkedin posts, I was able to get 12 interviews... and an offer from my top choice. preHIRED is absolute, hands-on so applicable to everything in the interview process."
Austin Kittelson in Vancouver, Washington
"I have a background in industrial construction. In my last job, I was working in a power plant. I'm recently engaged, and I have an 8-month old son... so I've been looking for a more rewarding career... I'm actually outside my new job and about to go in..."
Drake McKinish in Los Angeles, California
I really wanted to find a remote job... My interviewer told me over 700 people applied for the job... I won the offer! I will make 6-figures in my first year... Prehired got me this job! 
... oh yeah, I do this job at home in my pajamas lol
Anthony Bautista in Rancho Cucamonga, California
I was rear-ended in a pretty bad car accident... so I just couldn't return to construction. I went through the entire program in 6 days. I got 3 job offers. For the job offer I took, the 1st year pay is $100,000 to $140,000. That's 3 times what I made last year!
Bobby Powers in Fort Worth, Texas
I've been in sales my whole career but never had this level of success. 85% of companies I chose asked me to an interview. ALL BUT TWO OF THOSE COMPANIES MADE A JOB OFFER! Prehired is unbelievable!
Robert Miller in Tampa / Orlando, Florida
Even while I worked 12 hour days, it took me only a month to complete the full course. I didn't even do everything, and I still got results! Prehired's support is great -- everything I expected and more!
Tom Potapenko in Minneapolois, Minnesota
I made a list of 10 companies I wanted to work...
... 9 of those companies interviewed me.
I got hired at my top pick... and can do it again anytime!
Jack DiCianni in Chicago
The manager was so impressed with preHIRED already, she said, "Alright, let's streamline you. You're just getting to the final interview." ... just wow!
Isaiah Ascher in Tampa
"The hiring process was way faster than I thought it would be. I finished in middle of December, and 12 days later I had my offer and accepted it!"
Jeff Akkerman in Fort Collins
"If you're doubtful, I understand. I was, too. But, at the end, I had 3 job offers. I actually accepted one. It didn't work out. Luckily, I had another one right behind it. And I'm still getting requests for interviews right now."
Jaime Ortega in Columbia, SC
"I watched every member review, and now I finally get it after doing this program. This is the best money I've ever spent on my education!
David Gray in Austin
"I got 6 job offers at some of the best tech companies in the country! I had no idea this was possible until Prehired... every trainer rocks! (thanks Andrew!)
Neftali Palma in Atlanta
"I was selling Time Warner door-to-door at $11/hr, and in 30 days I'm working in a software sales job!"
John Robinson in Raleigh
"This program passed my expectations... I'm now negotiating a VP of Sales role!"
Karen Meshkov in Philadelphia
"I thought this was a scam... but I got the tech sales job I wanted in 30 days!"
Najee Murchison n NYC
"10 companies asked to interview me... I chose 5 and accepted a job offer at my #1 choice!"
Trevor Willenberg in Hartford
"With 40 yrs sales exp, I couldn't get the interviews I wanted. Prehired helped me get #1 job choice in 30 days!"
Laurie Weigel in St Paul
"Prehired delivered EXACTLY what they promised...
...but it only took me 21 days!"
David Stewart in Seattle
"Over 10 companies contacted me with job opportunities within weeks!"
Dillon Griffiths in Raleigh
"I had a job offer in less than one week!"
Sahai Redleaf in Los Angeles
"I've been in sales my whole career... and NOW I'm lightyears ahead of what I was doing!"
Jian Holley in Jacksonville
"In 3 months, I'm already a #1 top performing sales rep and on track to making $120,000 my first year!"
Tommy Watson in Orange County
"I'm so glad I made this choice!"
Gabe Duran in Seattle
"In only two weeks I had interviews, and in two more weeks I had multiple offers!"
George Lugo in Los Angeles
"I had job offers in only 3 weeks... I would take this course all over again if given the chance!"
Shawn Townsend in Chicago
"I had the job I wanted in under 30 days... Prehired is the best decision I made in years!"
Edward Menendez in Scottsdale
"Two days to interviewing at my #1 company pick... Prehired is the best investment I have EVER made!"
Jimmy Laurie in Sarasota
I struggled for 10 yrs in insurance sales... and now in just weeks I have my dream sales job at $90,000 this year!
James Ching in NYC
After 10 yrs in sales, I didn't know what I was missing. Now I have too many job options... just wish I had found Prehired years ago!
Joseph Serino in Sacramento
"I've wasted money before on sales training before, but Prehired is the best decision I've made for my career!"
Ashon Wilson in Raleigh
"I wasn't only hired to my #1 job choice but I also have confidence to get any sales job in the future too!"
Chris Jones n Raleigh
"I landed my #1 job choice and the sales manager said I was the most impressive sales rep ever interviewed!"
Omar Hijazi in Washington DC
"Figure out how to pay for this program because it is the best money you'll ever spend on yourself!"
Tim Dilley in Spooner, WI
"I almost backed out because I thought this was a scam... it turned out being the best decision I've ever made!
It's impossible not to succeed with Prehired!"
Joel Carias in NYC
"I was a waitress with no experience, and now I have an incredible sales career! Prehired really works!."
Erin Wilson in Sacramento
"I was really skeptical at first, but Prehired helped me build my own startup business in just weeks!"
Yusuf Rimawi in Clinton, NJ
Prehired showed me how to get the best REMOTE sales job because quality time with my family is the #1 priority! I'm so thankful for Prehired!
Caleb Gibson in Knoxville
After doing sales for 10 years, I thought there was nothing more to learn...  after Prehired, I was OVERWHELMED with job interviews and offers
Tremon McGrath in San Antonio
The sales manager was so IGNORANT and RUDE that I walked out of the interview... NO THANKS! The next company I met with were awesome and made me an offer and I accepted!
William Nix in Dallas, Texas
The CEO asked me to show him how I'd sell for them... 
... so I just showed what I learned in Prehired and they made an offer before I walked out the door!
Daniel Ward in San Diego, California
I thought it was a scam 100% for sure. You guys proved me wrong in every single way. Next year, I'll be making $100,000+ with no regrets!
Shannon Kuczerepa in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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