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No previous sales or tech industry experience needed.

Our lifetime membership includes ongoing access to mentoring, live training, in-person conferences, content updates, the alumni community, and job opportunities.

But before I tell you more about Prehired, let me ask you a few questions:
 Are you looking for a six-figure career?
 Have you always wanted to work at a top-rated tech company?
 Do you want to grow your sales career insanely fast?
 Have you always wanted to work from home or at a cool tech office?
 Are you tired of just settling for any old job?
 Do you want to learn how to get promoted faster?
Why a Software Sales Job?
Here's a screenshot from Indeed, a big job search engine. Feel free to verify it...
Screenshot taken on November 20, 2019
And here's a screenshot from Glassdoor, showing average salary...
Screenshot taken on November 20, 2019
That adds up to $144,272. And while making 6 figures is NOT average for year 1, it's common in year 2 onward.

5 Reasons Software Salespeople
Are Thriving
1.) Most business software is complex. Prospects often feel overwhelmed clarifying how software features will solve their problems -- and whether one company's solution is better for their needs than another's.

The salesperson's job is to clarify their needs and show them how to solve their problems.

That's it. No pushy "used car salesman" tactics. That garbage belongs back in the 1980's.

2.) Companies are looking for every competitive edge. Software is HUGE for producing more with less.

What's more, unlike many products and services, software becomes even more crucial to success when the economy is bad.

3.) 2+ decision makers are common. A salesperson can help them both understand how software fixes their issues, without one stakeholder trying to convince another.

4.) Many software companies are backed by investors, who want to generate a good return on their money on a tight timeline

5.) Software companies can’t find enough qualified candidates, even among the many sales veterans from other industries who apply.

Of course, all the money and job security in the world doesn't matter if you hate the job.

So, you might be asking...
So What's an Average Work Day 
in a Software Sales Job?
The best way to know is to spend a day with someone doing it. 

We know that's hard, though, so here's a typical work day:

8:30-9:30am: Coffee + emails, calls, connecting on Linkedin

9:30-noon: Research, mapping and outreach to companies

Noon - 1:30pm: Lunch and then a short round of ping-pong in the game room

1:30-4:30pm: Meetings with potential clients (video, phone, demo via computer -- NOT traveling)

4:30-5:30pm: Plan work for tomorrow, answer emails

Yes, that's general. So we also asked some of our members to make short video overviews of their workdays...
Then keep on reading, you're going to love what's coming up!
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       THE 4% WHO AREN'T
GET A 100% REFUND          
     SO IT'S 0% ZERO RISK    
But before I tell you more about Prehired, let me ask you a few questions:
 Are you looking for a six-figure career?
 Have you always wanted to work at a top-rated tech company?
 Do you want to grow your sales career insanely fast?
 Have you always wanted to work from home or at a cool tech office?
 Are you tired of just settling for any old job?
 Do you want to learn how to get promoted faster?
David Stewart in Seattle, Washington
Working at
Shannon Kuczerepa in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Working at
Neftali Palma in Atlanta, Georgia
Working at
If that kind of works seems up your alley, you may be wondering...
Can I Find a Software Sales Job Near Me?
Some people think they have to move to San Francisco or New York to get a good software sales job.

Wrong. There are tens of thousands of business software companies who need to grow their sales teams to grow their businesses.

If you live near (or are willing to relocate to) any city pinned on this map, there are software sales jobs near you...
Data source: Indeed.com (November 23, 2019)
That map matches up pretty well with this one, showing where our hired members live:
Updated on November 27, 2020
Yes, some people land remote jobs, which let them live and work from anywhere.

(That pin in Iowa is for someone working remotely.)

Yet remote-working to start a software sales career is NOT common.

Most companies want you to work in-office for at least 6-12 months before they're comfortable with you working elsewhere.

The office sales team experience is also great for the support and experience you get.

If that doesn't turn you off to launching a software sales career, you need to know...
How Far You Can Go in Software Sales
Here's an infographic we made showing common career paths starting as a software Sales Development Rep (SDR)...
Salaries data source: Glassdoor.com and Prehired member data (November 24, 2019)
Of course, there are countless variations of job titles, and sometimes people skip steps.

That's assuming someone succeeds in getting their first software sales job.

Even with thousands of open positions, it's common for a hiring manager to get 100s of applications for every job.

And they typically interview 10-15 people before hiring one.

So how do you stand out among the crowd?

Make sure you're well-versed in...
The 3 Must-Knows for Landing Software Sales Job Offers
Since only about 20% of a software sales job is on the phone, you need great tools to find, filter and nurture the right prospects the rest of the time.

Expect to be asked, “What’s your sales tech stack?”

In other words, “What software do you use to be a highly productive salesperson?”

If a manager likes your answer, expect to be asked something like, “Can you walk me through how you use those tools step-by-step?”

They want to make sure you actually know how to use the software you mentioned.

Otherwise, far too many people can say, “I’ve used Salesforce,” without knowing much about what it can do.

There are 6 categories of tools you need to know:
Out of the hundreds of tools across these categories, we show you the top ones to know and guide you step-by-step on how to use all the key features.

The average software sales rep uses 10-15 tools. Expect to be tested on on these during interviews.
With software sales, you need to become a Jedi at
several core skills, like:

• Ideal Customer Personas + Buyer Personas

• Email Sequence Planning + Copywriting

• Sales Call Planning + Plays

• Effective Voicemails

• Sales Meeting Planning + Running

• Personal Brand-Building for Credibility

You always start by filtering down who you’re going to
contact in the first place.

There’s nothing worse than wasting time with people who will never buy.

And then you need to master selling with email, phone and video conferencing.

You can’t count on meeting people in person because they’re often far away. The time and money cost to travel is too high.

Since people feel the most safe when they can see you, hear you, touch you (like shaking hands) and smell you (they don’t want to taste you, thankfully), you need to know what works best without these advantages.

Exactly how to use your skills also depends HUGELY on how far along you are with a prospect.

That’s why we have to talk about...
“Sales workflow” is just another way to say “sales process” — the stages prospects go through on their way to becoming buyers.

Yep, every sales trainer on earth talks about this.

Yet most of them give you bits and pieces or general prescriptions that often don’t work for selling software.

For example, sales meetings should be structured differently in each sales stage — and tailored to not just the company but the personality types of the people you’re meeting with.

You don’t need to mash together ideas from a bunch of sales trainers.

That’s like assembling parts from Honda, Ford, Subaru and Volkswagen… and hoping the car you build runs.

You need ONE process proven for software sales, so you know each sales tactic works together with every other one.

Knowing the right tools, skills and workflows used in software sales also lets you...
Bypass the "Apply and Pray" Job Hunting Way
Ask yourself...

If you knew how to find, research and reach out hiring managers in a way they welcome, would you just submit a resume online and hope you get called for an interview?

Of course not.

Yet so many sales reps still do.

Otherwise, there wouldn't be thousands of sales jobs posted on job search engines like Indeed.com, as in the screenshot at the top of this page.

Many salespeople simply aren't solid on the tools, skills and workflows to prospect like a pro.

What if you are?

You get results like this...
Then keep on reading, you're going to love what's coming up!
The Average Prehired Member Gets...
from Companies They Choose
Employer Contact to Hiring Rate
at Companies They Choose
5 Job
in just 6-8 Weeks from Certification
in the 1st Year
$110,500 for Year 2+
Up to 10% of hires are for
remote sales positions
60% have NO sales experience
40% have sales experience
Average Member Data is updated once every quarter (4 times a year)
Let's say you're not an ace with tools, skills and workflows, yet you manage to get past the 3-4 common interview rounds most software sales teams have.

Well, you're in for an ugly truth...
24% of Sales Reps Development Get Fired
That number comes from Bridge Group, who started researching and helping software sales teams back in 1998.

Here's a screenshot from their 2018 Sales Development Metrics and Compensation Research Report...
Source: https://blog.bridgegroupinc.com/hubfs/resources/SDRMetricsReport_TheBridgeGroup.pdf
Which begs the question...

How Do You Get the Right Training Before You Have Any On-the-Job Experience?
It's the same question several Software Sales Managers asked our founder, Josh Jordan, when he was consulting for their teams.

While helping dozens of companies build from 1 to 30 reps and from $1 million to $30 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), finding qualified hires was the hardest part.

Not finding any good place to recruit junior-level software salespeople, Josh decided to create Prehired to train them.

He knew his mentoring couldn't span years, since companies needed people to start ASAP.

So he took all the managers' feedback to package his industry expertise into a step-by-step program  even people working full-time can do in about 1 hour per day.

Here's the timeline from start to getting hired...
Prehired founder, Josh Jordan (right), holding the $100,000 grand prize check at the 2014 Rise of the Rest investment competition, hosted by AOL cofounder, Steve Case.

Josh helped Bidr (an online auction platform) sell so much of their software, the judges were impressed.
How Fast Can You Start a Software Sales Career?
The Prehired Science-Based Sales® Curriculum
To Make Sure You Get Results,
You Also Get...
As well as some BONUSES:
Members-ONLY group
Build strong connections with Prehired trainers and other members. Meet other members in your area and practice course material.
of Video
Scripts, Templates
& Checklists
Email, LIVE CHAT and VIDEO CAlls
Use live chat or email to get in touch with us to ask specific questions anytime. We're committed to your success and want to hear from you.
Get personal mentoring sessions with your assigned Mentor. Your Mentor can also offer a phone or email reference while you're interviewing, since they get to know you.
Everything You're Getting...
  • ​Modules 1 - 5: The Tools - $4,997 Value
  • ​Modules 6 - 10: The Skills - $4,997 Value
  • ​Modules 11 - 15: The Workflows - $4,997 Value
  • ​Extra Content: The Interview Process - $1,997 Value
  • ​30+ Scripts, Templates, and Checklists - $4,997 Value
  • ​Prehired Member’s Group - $1,500/yr Value
  • ​Live Chat & Email Support - $1,500/yr Value
  • ​1-on-1 Mentoring - $4,997 Value
  • ​Science-Based Sales® Association (SBSA)
    Lifetime Membership - $20,000 Value
Total Value: $49,982
Get hired TO YOUR
$100,000+ SALES CAREER 
within 12 weeks
Become a Prehired Science-Based Sales® Pro for just...
$0 Down
Pay only 12.5% of your income for 48 months after landing a job (capped at $30k)
Our most popular option...
0 Down
If your credit score is 550+ ($300 enrollment fee otherwise)
  • Pay 12.5% of your pre-tax income up to $30k or 48 monthly payments, whichever comes sooner
  • Pay nothing in any month in which you earn less than $3,333.33
  • Shared risk and reward, since we make nothing if you don't find work and we only make more money when you make more money

One-time payment, full refundable
  • All lifetime membership benefits included
  • Fully refundable up to 7 days or 30% of course content (whichever comes sooner) or if you don't land a $60k+ job offer (see guarantee below)

Just a Few Companies Who Hire Our Members
And Remember, We're Tied to Your Success...
Do our whole Science-Based Sales® program.

Get one-on-one mentoring to get certified.

Get feedback on every step of your job search (your LinkedIn profile, your email sequence, your interview answers and even offers you get).

If you don't get at least one $60,000+ offer (with at least $40,000 in base salary) within 90 days of getting certified, let us know by day 100 and we'll pay for your training.

Since we share in a small % of your income, we don't make money unless you make money.

Our team is financially motivated to GET YOU HIRED -- or else they don't get paid.
You Get a Lifetime Membership to the Materials and Support from our Team.
Once you're in, you're in for life. Your lifetime membership gives you ongoing access to mentoring, live training, content updates, in-person conferences, job opportunities, our members-only Slack group and more.
Meet Your Support Team...
Admissions Team
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Admissions Advisor
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Member Success Team
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Member Success
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Strategic Partnerships
Other Management
Josh Jordan
Founder / CEO
Sunni Sukumar
Marketing Director
“I had a few years of experience but wasn’t happy in my career or making much money. I wanted to work at a software company and make more money… but I couldn’t because I wasn’t “qualified” enough. The preHIRED program helped me develop my selling skills and land my dream job at a fast-growing tech company. It pays much better and the office has a keg on tap (next to the meditation room). Thanks Prehired!”
Edward Smith
Sales Development Rep @ FairClaims
 Still not sure about preHIRED's
Science-Based Sales® System?
Then how about this?
We are so confident about the effectiveness of our program and that you will be hired, that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee! No other program can guarantee such results. No we aren't crazy, we just know that our Science-Based Sales® system really works!
Some of Our Members' Results...
"I had no sales experience, but I made $140,000+ in my 1st year! Prehired changed my life."
Philip Jansen in Tampa
"I almost backed out because I thought this was a scam... ended up as the best decision I've ever made!
It's impossible not to succeed with Prehired!"
Joel Carias in NYC
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Josh Santos in Boston
"I wasn't only hired to my #1 job choice but I also have confidence to get any sales job in the future too!"
Chris Jones in Raleigh
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Edward Menendez in Scottsdale
"Figure out how to pay for this program because it is the best money you'll ever spend on yourself!"
Tim Dilley in Spooner, WI
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Tommy Watson in Westminster, California
"I've wasted money on sales training before, but Prehired is the best decision I've made for my career!"
A'shon Wilson in Raleigh, North Carolina
And it's not just our members... others vouch for us too:
naMED BEST Sales Training in America
HubSpot named us as the ONLY software sales career launch program on their Top 27 BEST SALES TRAINING PROGRAMS in 2018 + 2019. 
The largest sales community thinks we're on to something special too...
TOP 10 sales leadership in 2019
SALES HACKER named Prehired's founder a
from over 5,000 nominees!
Get trained.
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Plus the course bonuses:
Access to the Private Members Group
Build strong connections with Prehired trainers and other members online. Meet other members in your area and practice course material.
live chat
Advanced Chat & Email Support
Use live chat or email to get in touch with us to ask specific questions anytime. We're committed to your success and want to hear from you.
Mentoring & Your Job Reference
Get personal coaching sessions from pH recruiters. And because they mentored you personally, they will provide a phone or email reference to your interviews.
"To anyone considering the Prehired Program, take the leap and ENROLL NOW!
I have attended many sales trainings, but THIS program is by far the BEST EVER."
Brandon in Baltimore, Maryland
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to work for one of your partner companies?
Not at all. This is your career - it’d be awesome if you end up finding a fit at one of our partner companies, but actually -- the majority of members get hired within 45 days at their workplace of choice by using our sales system. In the program, we’ll show you how you can apply, interview, and land great sales jobs on your own and at your companies of choice.
How much does it cost?
Companies pay us tens of thousands of dollars to train their sales teams on this program but we’ve made it incredibly affordable for individuals to become certified sales analysts.
Option 1 - Sign up for the Prehired Science-Based Sales® program for $2497. And it’s 100% risk-free because there’s a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee! You can even use PayPal Credit to finance it with NO INTEREST for 6 months!
Option 2 - Sign up for the PrehiredGo program for $997 and pay-as-you-go. PrehiredGo is the beginning of the full program and covers "The Tools", which are Modules 1 to 5. And when you're ready to become a Science-Based Sales® Analyst and start your new software sales career, just unlock Parts 2 and 3 of the full program for a two-pay of $997 at any time in the future.
What will I learn?
See our curriculum for the full description on what we’ll teach you. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to sell persuasively, close deals, work with data and software to improve your conversion rates, and also how to actually go about landing your dream sales job.
"I learned a lot from the preHIRED program... everything from using current sales tools to connecting to founders of tech firms. It was all amazing!

You can tell Joshua and the Prehired team is 100% committed to helping everyone succeed and thrive in software sales."
Sylvester in Charleston
Everything You're Gonna Get...
  • ​Modules 1 - 5: The Tools - $1997 Value
  • ​Modules 6 - 10: The Skills - $1997 Value
  • ​Modules 11 - 15: The Workflows - $1997 Value
  • ​Extra Content: The Interview Process - $997 Value
  • ​30+ Scripts, Templates, and Checklists - $2997 Value
  • ​Prehired Member’s Group - $500/yr Value
  • ​Live Chat & Email Support - $1000/yr Value
  • ​1-on-1 Mentoring - $2997 Value
Total Value: $14,482
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  • ​Modules 1 - 5: The Tools - $1997 Value
  • ​10+ Scripts, Templates, and Checklists - $997 Value
  • ​Live Chat & Email Support - $1000/yr Value
  •  Free & Discounted Sales Tools - $1000/yr Value
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Total Value: $4,994
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