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Learn Science-Based Sales℠ and how to create a sales system step-by-step. This system is so effective, you’ll learn more in 40 hours than the average software sales rep learns in two years. And you’ll get hired. It’s 100% guaranteed or FREE.
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Joe in NYC
you've been waiting for
You've basically just discovered the CHEAT CODES for a $100,000+ software sales career
Our Science-Based Sales℠ techniques you WILL learn in this course REALLY WORK and WILL GET YOU HIRED. 100% GUARANTEED.
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in sales abilities
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50% attendees were experienced
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But before I tell you more about Prehired, let me ask you a few questions:
 Are you looking for a six-figure career?
 Have you always wanted to work at a top-rated tech company?
 Do you want to grow your sales career insanely fast?
 Have you always wanted to work from home or at a cool tech office?
 Are you tired of just settling for any old job?
 Do you want to learn how to get promoted faster?
Then keep on reading, you're going to love what's coming up!
Meet your instructor!
Joshua K Jordan
"After you've finished, you will join the ranks of the most talented sales pros in the world. You will know every specific sales activity needed to get a $100,000+ software sales career. Welcome to  Science-Based Sales℠."
Over 100+ sales pros trained...
Get ready to make some serious 💰💰💰
Hey guys, I’m Josh, founder of preHIRED… and wanted to say that this is for real. From 2015, I’ve trained startup and tech company sales teams all over the world in Science-Based Sales℠. And they all have the same challenge.

They want to hire people to do sales analyst work but many people are unqualified. A successful candidate needs to know software, understand how to solve business challenges, and use science to be able to influence (sell) others.

And this is what we do! We show you how to do the job -- and get the job offer. Guaranteed.
Join the Growing Network of Certified  Science-Based Sales℠ Analysts. 
I'm here to HELP YOU WIN 🏆
Everyone needs a coach and mentor. 
When I first started out in the world of B2B SaaS sales, I sought after mentors. They taught me what they knew. After a while, I had been hired, trained, or certified by the largest sales training organizations in the the world. Now I'm going to pass that experience down to you.

From the live chat and email support, the private LinkedIn group, and the one-on-one coaching -- you have a direct line to me and the Prehired team.
This isn't a get rich quick course,
Let's make sure we are on the same page...
Software sales is a $100k career but that doesn't mean you'll be making that in your first year. The average base salary is $40k - $60k a year, with average first year earnings of $60,000 - $80,000 including commission.

In year two is when you can expect to make $100,000+! 

Our unique sales training + job placement program equips you with the necessary skills to land your dream job and helps ensure that you reach that six-figure salary

“I had a few years of experience but wasn’t happy in my career or making much money. I wanted to work at a software company and make more money… but I couldn’t because I wasn’t “qualified” enough. The preHIRED program helped me develop my selling skills and land my dream job at a fast-growing tech company. It pays much better and the office has a keg on tap (next to the meditation room). Thanks preHIRED!”
Edward Smith
Legal Sales Consultant @ FairClaims
 Still not sure about preHIRED's
Science-Based Sales℠ System?
Then how about this?
We are so confident about the effectiveness of our program and that you will be hired, that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee! No other program can guarantee such results. No we aren't crazy, we just know that our Science-Based Sales℠ system really works!
What's included in the program?
of Video
Scripts, Templates
& Checklists
As well as some EPIC BONUSES:
Members group
Bonus 01: Access to the Private Linkedin Group
Build strong connections with Prehired trainers and other members. Meet other members in your area and practice course material.
Bonus 02: Live Chat & Email Support
Use live chat or email to get in touch with us to ask specific questions anytime. We're committed to your success and want to hear from you.
Bonus 03: Mentoring & Your Job Reference
Get personal coaching sessions from pH recruiters. And because they mentored you personally, they will provide a phone or email reference to your interviews.
Feeling like bonuses?
Here's a FREE LESSON from the course:
Watch now for free:
An Introduction for Science-Based Sales℠
This is very simple... but I want you to see this video because it is overview of our responsibilities in the sales process. And as a sales analyst, if you do not do these 3 THINGS, you WILL NOT make a sale. Check it out!
Don't just take my word for it
Our members are KILLING IT!
"10 companies asked to interview me... I chose 5 and accepted a job offer at my #1 choice!"
Trevor in Hartford
"This program passed my expectations... I'm now negotiating a VP of Sales role!"
Karen in Philadelphia
"I was seriously only making $10/hour... after Prehired, I landed a $75,000 job within weeks!"
Josh in Boston
"Over 10 companies contacted me with job opportunities within weeks!"
Dillon in Raleigh
"I've been in sales my whole career... and NOW I'm lightyears ahead of what I was doing!"
Jian in Jacksonville
"I thought this was a scam... but I got the tech sales job I wanted in 30 days!"
Najee in NYC
"I'm so glad I made this choice!"
Gabe in Seattle
"I had a job offer in less than one week!"
Sahai in Los Angeles
Who is this course for?
Curious if preHIRED is the right fit for you?
This course is for anyone who is looking to make a career in software sales. Whether you have no sales experience at all or 15+ years in the field you'll find a lot to learn. In fact only about half our members have previous sales experience. We only require that you be teachable, ambitious, and willing to work smart and hard, and we’ll give you all the experience you need to land your first sales job.
This isn't your average sales training course
Want to become a sales pro?
Then look no further! Going through our program puts you in the top % of sales pros because we train you on EVERY sales activity that you need to know in order to thrive as a sales development rep at an awesome tech company. We help you navigate EVERY step of the hiring process until you secure a job offer and a start date, 100% guaranteed or your money back

PreHIRED members are so successful because our methodology is based on science -- we only teach you what is proven to work! 

Our program contains NO generic sales training, so you won't find any of that "Smile and Dial" and "Always Be Closing" garbage in our program. 

That stuff doesn't work and should have died out in the 90s along with Kool-Aid and chain wallets. 
With our program, we only teach you scientifically-proven methods that will enable you to excel as a sales development rep

Our program is easy to follow because there is a process, checklist, or template to follow for everything we do and we make learning it fun and easy to remember. We take complex information and break it down step-by-step so ANYONE can do it within 30-40 hours, completely online and at their leisure. 

Our easy-to-follow and engaging videos make learning the material exciting and rememberable and access to our preHIRED advisors make sure you we connect you with an amazing job at a tech company. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and join the ranks of our certified Science-Based Sales℠ graduates and start your six-figure career in tech sales! 
Get trained.
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For Science-Based Sales℠ there are three key areas:
Out of the thousands of sales-related software in various categories like CRM, lead generation, lead enrichment, sales automation, productivity, and artificial intelligence — we will show you the top ones used in the tech industry and will guide you step-by-step on how to use all the features correctly. 
Yes you have skills and can close...some of the time. But our skills training is based on science and what is working for the top tech sales teams in the USA right now! 
◦ This is the same training we gave experienced software sales reps via our parent company fourLetter and they averaged a 62% increase in sales abilities.
◦ This area of training focuses on sales calls (not COLD CALLS which don’t work), writing compelling emails, running sales meetings, qualification calls, discovery calls, demo calls, follow ups, negotiation, closing, and overcoming objections.
◦ But for you experienced sales reps -- it's data-driven and based on what actually works so you'll consistently get results and know when to switch-up plays based on what you're reading from your prospect.
Most salespeople who are struggling to make more than $100,000 annually are NOT managing their time effectively.
◦ They aren't productive -- and missing out on closing so many deals because of it.
◦ They don't have a framework for how to do every activity broken up into each hour, day, and week.
We show you how and when to specifically use everything you've learned in the day-to-day selling activities you'll be doing for a tech company.
How to Videos
Playbooks and Worksheets 
Live chat and email support
Role practice
One-on-one coaching
Here are three key areas we focus on to help you land your dream job in tech sales:
Job Research & Preparation
◦ The average LinkedIn profile is not optimized or fully utilized at all for sales... or for a job search.
◦ Oh, and most resumes SUCK. Like really bad. We show you how to specifically get rid of your old resumes and profiles and replace it with our templates. Just insert your info into our templates. Easy.
◦ Many salespeople don't even know how to find the right companies that are growing that will put them in a position to make money. We got that covered.
◦ Lastly, most salespeople don't even target remote SaaS sales positions -- they just apply to jobs locally in their area! Noooooo!
Job Applications
◦ Most salespeople just apply and pray someone gets back to them.
They never get the job they want and some of them are actually working for ONLY commissions and barely paying bills.
◦ Not only that, but many salespeople are actually still looking for jobs on Craigslist and Indeed. Definitely NOT getting a good sales job.
Where do you go and how do you do it? All is revealed in these modules.
Job Interviews & Offers
◦ If you're new to sales, you're prepared for some questions but not sales specific questions.
◦ If you're new to software sales, you're definitely NOT prepared for the majority of questions you will be asked (and probably why you don't get asked back for the 2nd interview).
◦ We help you prepare for the most common FAQs asked by hiring sales managers for software sales roles.
◦ You'll not only pass the interview but impress the interviewer.
◦ Seriously, almost every preHIRED member has a story about interviewing for a sales role and the interviewer is shock-and-awed they don't have experience in software sales.
◦ Then we help you get your job offers in -- and to expect between $40,000 - $60,000 for base salaries with On-Target-Earnings at $60,000 - $80,000 for your first year and $100,000+ your 2nd year.
Job Offers
Hack Your Career
Get Promoted
Land Your Dream Job
"It's complex material but Josh made it so easy to understand every step... I love this program!"
Eric in Boston
The Full Curriculum
Take a sneak peek at the content inside the course
Module 1
An Intro to Science-Based Sales℠
47:16 Minutes
 Selling 101 - Methodology
 Selling 101 - Sales Process
 Selling 101 - Results + Performance
Module 2
 55:46 Minutes
 Gmail & G Suite
 Meeting Tools
 Video Calls for Sales
 Additional Tools
 LinkedIn Setup
Module 3
122:40 Minutes
 Fundamentals of CRMs
 CRM Setup & Integrations
 Contacts & Companies
 Emails & Templates
 Meetings, Calls, & Extensions
 Deals & Pipelines
 Top CRM Platforms
Module 4
SALES TOOLS - linkedin
97:15 Minutes
 LinkedIn - Profile Setup
 LinkedIn - Profile Examples
 LinkedIn - Joining Groups
 36 Sales Groups Every Sales Pro Should Join
 Getting to 500+ Connections
 LinkedIn - Basic & Advanced Search
 Communication Best Practices
  Job Search Checklist
Module 5
111:19 Minutes
 Using Lead Gen Tools
 Top Lead Gen Resources
 LinkedIn Free & Sales Navigator
 Automation Setup
 Using Sales Automation
 2018 New B2B Sales Tools & Trends
Module 6
41:54 Minutes
 Intro to Ideal Customer Profiles + Buyer Personas
 Creating Your ICPBP
 Ideal Customer Profile [Templates]
Module 7
39:01 Minutes
 Creating Science-Based Sales℠ Emails
 Science-Based Sales℠ Emails Checklist
 Science-Based Sales℠ Emails - Subject Lines & Opening Sentences
 Science-Based Sales℠ Email Examples
Module 8
27:50 Minutes
 Science-Based Sales℠ Calls Fundamentals
 Science-Based Sales℠ Calls Playbook
 Science-Based Sales℠ Calls - Examples
Module 9
81:18 Minutes
 Starting Sales Meetings
 Running Sales Meetings
 Qualification & Discovery
 Science-Based Sales℠ Meetings Playbook
Module 10
28:48 Minutes
 Overcoming Objections
 Overcoming Objections Playbook
 1 Download
Module 11
83:12 Minutes
 The Ultimate Resume Checklist
 Resume Templates That Work
 Your Online Brand
 Your Brand Videos
 Using Videos in the Sales Process
 Using Prehired for Your Profile
 Example Science-Based Sales℠ Videos
 Compelling Words Master List
 LinkedIn Job Search Checklist
Module 12
125:51 Minutes
 Hack Your Company Search Process
 Your Sequence Setup
 Running Your Sales Sequence
 Personalizing Your Outreach at Scale
 Emails that Get Your Hired - Templates
 1 Download
Module 13
54:20 Minutes
 What Hiring Managers are Looking For
 Inteviews - Common FAQs
 Interviews - Advanced Sales FAQs
 Interviews - Final Preparation
Module 14
26:19 Minutes
 Science-Based Sales℠ Certification
 Get a Recommendation from Prehired
 Get a Personal Job Reference from Prehired
 100% Money-Back Guarantee
 1 Download
Module 15
member support
16:03 Minutes
 Access to Unlimited Live Chat & Email Support
 Access to the LinkedIn Alumni Group
 Coaching and Job Placement Support
 Josh Live Sales Outreach
Plus the course bonuses:
Access to the Private Linkedin Group
Build strong connections with preHIRED trainers and other members. Meet other members in your area and practice course material.
live chat
Advanced Chat & Email Support
Use live chat or email to get in touch with us to ask specific questions anytime. We're committed to your success and want to hear from you.
Mentoring & Your Job Reference
Get personal coaching sessions from pH recruiters. And because they mentored you personally, they will provide a phone or email reference to your interviews.
And don't forget we're tied to your success...
Our pH recruiters make their money from getting you hired.
preHIRED recruiters specialize in software sales roles and they earn money each time a member is placed in our partner network. 

Our team is financially motivated to GET YOU HIRED. 

So you guys are gonna be like best-est of friends 🤗🤝🤗
You get a lifetime membership to the materials and support from our team.
Once you're in, you're in for life! When you become a Science-Based Sales® Analyst, you get a lifetime membership to the course and support from our team of sales trainers & recruiters.
We said that before and we'll say it again.

Our Science-Based Sales℠ Program will teach you skills you don't know you're missing and WILL GET YOU HIRED. We've got a 100% hiring rate guarantee.
"I'm blown away by how easy this is to learn... and Josh explains everything so clearly. I now know EXACTLY how to work every part of a software sales job I interview for. My favorite part is getting remote sales work right from my home."
Shawna in Charleston
Remote Sales Work
Your day as a software sales analyst might look something like this:
Remote Sales
On-Site Sales
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of job will I get after being preHIRED certified?
You'll be well equipped to land a job as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). It’s different for every company but this pretty much involves always two things: prospecting and qualification. Prospecting includes targeting ideal buyers and reaching out to them in order to start a conversation. Qualification is generating appointments for demos for companies that meet a certain criteria -- and this can be for inbound or outbound leads.
How much money can I expect to make?
Average base salary is $40k - $60k a year, with average first year earnings of $60k - $80k including commission. And being preHIRED certified, you’ll have the foundation and skills to be quickly promoted and on the path to hitting $100,000+ in your second year.
Do I have to work for one of your partner companies?
Not at all. This is your career - it’d be awesome if you end up finding a fit at one of our partner companies, but we’ll support you if you decide to go in a different direction. In the program, we’ll show you how you can apply, interview, and land great sales jobs on your own and at any company you choose.
How much does it cost?
Companies pay us tens of thousands of dollars to train their sales teams on this program but we’ve made it incredibly affordable for individuals to become certified sales analysts.
Option 1 - Sign up for the Prehired Science-Based Sales℠ program for $1997. And it’s 100% risk-free because there’s a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee! You can even use PayPal Credit to finance it with NO INTEREST for 6 months!
Option 2 - Sign up for the Prehired Lite program for $497. Prehired Lite comes with Modules 1 to 5 so you can start the program with a lower upfront cost and purchase the remaining modules when you're ready to become a Science-Based Sales℠ Analyst... and start your new software sales career! Upgrade to the full program for a two-pay of $997 at any time in the future.
Do I need sales experience to succeed with preHIRED?
Not at all - only about half of our members have previous sales experience. You just be teachable, ambitious, and willing to work smart and hard, and we’ll give you all the experience you need to land your first sales job.
What will I learn?
See our curriculum for the full description on what we’ll teach you. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to sell persuasively, close deals, work with data and software to improve your conversion rates, and also how to actually go about landing your dream sales job.
"I learned a lot from the preHIRED program... everything from using current sales tools to connecting to founders of tech firms. It was all amazing!

You can tell Joshua and the Prehired team is 100% committed to helping everyone succeed and thrive in software sales."
Sylvester in Charleston
Everything You're Gonna Get...
  •  Modules 1 - 5: The Tools - $1997 Value
  •  Modules 6 - 10: The Skills - $1997 Value
  •  Modules 11 - 15: The Workflows - $1997 Value
  •  Extra Content: The Interview Process - $997 Value
  •  30+ Scripts, Templates, and Checklists - $2997 Value
  •  Prehired Member’s Group - $500/yr Value
  •  Live Chat & Email Support - $1000/yr Value
  •  1-on-1 Mentoring - $2997 Value
Total Value: $14,482
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$100,000+ SALES CAREER in 40h
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Or, Everything You're Gonna Get in Prehired Lite...
  •  Modules 1 - 5: The Tools - $1997 Value
  •  10+ Scripts, Templates, and Checklists - $997 Value
  •  Live Chat & Email Support - $1000/yr Value
  •  Free & Discounted Sales Tools - $1000/yr Value
  •  Access to Upgrade to the FULL PREHIRED PROGRAM at anytime in the future.
Total Value: $4,994
You get all this value for a MUCH LOWER PRICE, check below...
Start with Modules 1 - 5, the Tools, and unlock the rest of the program later
Access for Modules One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.
Upgrade to the Full Program Later for a two-pay of $997.
Still not sure if it’s for you?
Book a FREE software sales consultation with our admissions team
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